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Psychic Gilly Hinslow has the ability to see a person's lifeline from the moment of birth until their last breath. She could be an asset. Well-respected for her abilities at the very least. But marriage to a man who doesn't appreciate her gift has left Gilly stifled and reluctant to use her ability. However, when a young boy goes missing and she bumps into his abductor in the grocery store of all places, Gilly knows she must inform the police. Problem is, now she's a suspect. As if this weren't bad enough, Gilly is approached by a group of traveling psychics asking for her help to find the other 14 children who have been abducted in the last 15 months, and her daughter, Claire, is exhibiting psychic abilities, something her husband will, no doubt, be furious about. When Claire becomes the next child abducted and Gilly's husband is left for dead, she realizes she can no longer play the passive bystander. Wanted by the police, Gilly begrudgingly teams up with the band of misfit psychics, and sets out to find her daughter and clear her name.

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