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My hopeful debut tells the story of Zedwynne Skinner, a sexual abuse survivor who returns to her hometown in rural North Carolina following a failed suicide attempt. Angry and disenchanted, Zed tries to keep everyone at a distance, even her little sister Hattie, and especially her mother. Her only interest is to lay low and survive the hell she's imprisoned herself in, but life, she finds, has other plans. Forced out of her comfort zone, Zed begins to learn that what she thought she needed to stay away from may be exactly what she needs to heal.

Zedwynne's story


CF Soundtrack #1.jpg

Ever wonder what we listen to while writing? In the early days of Catching Fireflies I began putting a playlist together that would keep me in Zed's headspace. Every week I'll be sharing a track from that list. We'll call it a hopeful countdown to selling the title!

#1 Doll Parts by Hole. 

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