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Going with Publish America

Here it is...

My novel is my baby. I have worked on it off and on for more than 10 years! True, sometimes I have taken YEARS away from it, but it is always on my mind. I have taken it from 100 written pages and turned it into a novel of 103,000 words! While I am still in (what I hope will be) the final editing/rewriting stage I contacted Publish America anyway. I am curious.

My concerns are numerous. I have done extensive research on the company and have found that most of the news on this company is not good. I have even been a frequent visitor on their boards and have read the many posts by authors who have received their author copies full of errors, those who are STILL waiting on thei books to show up on major booksellers sites, and other multiple problems.

Do I want to send in my three sample chapters to a company that, by their own message boards via their own authors, has proven they do not answer messages in a timely fashion.

Adding to that the costs of books from Publish America. As it stands my novel is 294 pages. While researching th PA site I found that most books with 290+ pages are $27! I am not comfortable selling my SOFTCOVER book for $27. I am not even comfortable selling it for $15!

These are just a few of my concerns. So why am I still contemplating PA as an option?

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