Welcome Back Prompting365!

You already know I've been writing fiction since I was 12 years old. Perhaps what you didn't know, though, is that I was once a student of history. In 2010 I earned my bachelor's degree in history from High Point University. Soon after, I began their graduate program in the study. For those unfamiliar with a history program on the graduate level, it's a LOT of work. I was spending 20 hours a week reading historical texts, researching, and writing academic papers. Naturally, I was terrified that all this focus on history would result in a loss of fiction. So, in December of 2010 I started a fiction project on Blogspot; Prompting365. The goal was to write one story per day using a one-word prompt (1 word. 1 story. 365 days). Using my lunch hour at work,

I would write as much as possible within the allotted hour and post that result on prompting365.com that evening. For the first little while I was successful. Unfortunately, as it is apt to do, life got in the way and the blog went defunct. Now, unable to renew the domain, I've decided to revive Prompting365 here. I won't promise a story every single day, but I do vow that I will do the best I can to create flash fiction. Who knows, maybe you will find some inspiration from one of my prompts as well.

Let's see how many stories I can write in 365 days, shall we?

**If you're interested in reading a few of those early efforts you can find them in Jar of Hearts.**

Happy writing!


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